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The Boys? SEASON 2 Did you really like it? *SPOILERS*

Okay, so like most of you I too tuned into Season 2 of Amazon's hit show "The Boys" and I have to admit that unlike last season, this season I was left a little unsatisfied.

Season Two tried to mix current events such as gender equality, the LGBTQ community, race relations, politics, and American patriotisms; with SUPER HEROS. Now don't get me wrong, I know they did this to market to all demographics by including them all, but I don't think it blended well.

At times you didn't know if they were making fun of what is currently happening or being completely serious. The Boys are known for standing apart from other comic series and movies such as DC or Marvel, by playing to a tune of their own. Whether it be, A-Train running straight through someone and killing them. (Yea I said straight through someone). Or The Homelander masturbating on top of a roof. This show is meant to have you guessing and wondering, "What will they do next"? This season didn't bring the action we expected and the stories we expected. Now although they changed the new character Stormfront to a woman instead of it being the original character (A man), I actually kind of liked how she mixed things up. It wasn't because she was a woman, but her personality is what made the character interesting. Yea she was a Nazi and a bitch, but it was something about her. Her and The Homelander made an interesting tag team too. I don't think they should have killed her so soon, but I get it. (But then again, we never actually seen her DIE).

Without giving too many spoilers about Season 2, I wanna know what you think. Did you like it? What do you think they will do with Homelander's son? Or their version of AOC, but she's actually playing both sides.

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