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"The Best Man: The Final Chapters"

The crew is back and ready to give us some more drama, but this time we get "The Best Man" in episodes instead of heading to the big screen movie. Although I'm a little worried about how this will play out, I'm still excited to see the first episode which airs on December 22 on Peacock TV. Based on the Universal movies by writer-director Malcolm D. Lee, Final Chapters will catch up with Harper (Diggs), Robyn (Lathan), Jordan (Long), Lance (Chestnut), Quentin (Howard), Shelby (De Sousa), Candace (Hall) and Murch (Perrineau) as relationships evolve and past grievances resurface in the unpredictable stages of midlife crisis meets midlife renaissance.

The limited series brings several recurring guest stars together with our favorite dysfunctional friend group as Harper is given the opportunity to turn his debut novel that kicked off the wild ride over 20 years ago, "Unfinished Business," into a movie. Unsurprisingly, it stirs up a lot of feelings. Get ready to catch up with the crew and be prepared for some laughs.

Check out their latest trailer and tell us what you think.

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