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Oklahoma’s Attraction

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

The indie film world has blown up in Oklahoma since Kevin Stitt signed Senate Bill 200. This bill increases the state's film incentive cap and eligibility threshold to host major motion pictures and television series. One lady is leading her major show into the works here in the Sooner State. Lisa Lee Martin is known for her directing work on "Hunting Jessica". She came to Oklahoma and gave over a dozen of actors a chance they would have never gotten with their agencies. With adversity and disrespect rising from a few unknown actors, Lisa is rising to face it by pulling together the rest of Season 1. Lisa Lee Martin is leading Oklahoma into a more prominent role in this nation’s industry, while other’s who face her are being left in the dust. This is all a huge shift in the power and dynamic in this industry, and to all of the underdog actors; Lisa is saving our state’s industry.

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