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Lightweight Division Champ: Sean "Untouchable" Mason

Hailing from Orlando, Florida, we caught up with Lightweight Champion, Sean "Untouchable" Mason over the weekend. We talked about his current record, his future goals, and hows he's holding up during this Covid-19 epidemic. Check it out below.

Robert Selassie Jackson: What is your record and weight class?

Sean: My record is 4-0 with 3 KO's in the Lightweight Division, well at least until my body tells me otherwise..

Robert Selassie Jackson: What is his next opponent and fight date?

Sean: We're in training camp right now, but whoever want it can get it. My last fight got canceled due to COVID-19.

Robert Selassie Jackson: A lot of people are calling you the future of boxing. Why do you think?

Sean: I really am the people’s champ. I take pictures with everyone and help every and anybody!! We gotta pay it forward. I train hard and spar the best of the best!!

Robert Selassie Jackson: What is your dream fight?

Sean: My dream fight is whoever got the belts!! LOL

So as you can see Sean is ready to show the world what he is made of. He's undefeated and ready to step up to the competition and show them why he's the champ. Hmmm, I wonder whose brave enough to face him next. We will definitely be watching.

Make sure you follow him here.

Instagram: sean_mason_ 

Facebook: Sean Mason

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