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Updated: Apr 24, 2020

By Robert Jackson

There is dope talent all over the world and today we wanna introduce "Yinks" from South Africa. He's an up and coming hip hop artist that we wanted to show some love to. Get to know him below.

Robert: Hey where are u from?

Yinks: I'm originally from Ghana based in South Africa. 

Robert: What names do you go by?

Yinks: Everyone calls me Yinks in the business, but real name Kofi.

Robert: Tell us how the Hip Hop world is in Ghana?

Yinks: The people love it, but the media don't promote it. Its not whats on the market there.

Robert: So tell me what's the name of your label?

Yinks: Boss Brain Entertainment 

Robert: So I heard that you have model and distribution?

Yinks: Yes I co own the hottest independent distribution  company in Africa L.I music distribution 

Robert: Who are some of your inspirations?

Yinks: I inspire myself to be great and be better. I do source out a few inspiration from Birdman ,Diddy, Rick Ross, etc.

Robert: What are some of the projects you are dropping and working on?

Yinks: My EP is called "3000ce", but I'm dropping a single soon called "No Reason".

To find out more about this amazing international artist, check out his social media accounts below.

IG: @yinksofficial 

Twitter: @yinksofficial 

Facebook: @yinksofficial 

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