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WBO Global Super Bantamweight Champion: Wasiru Mohammed

Hailing from Ghana, West Africa, Wasiru Mohammed is the current WBO Global Super Bantamweight Champion. His boxing record is 14-0-0 (12 kos) - Boxrec has it 12-0-0 (11 kos). He is considered the next best thing in the boxing world. When we asked how he felt when winning his latest title, Wasiru expressed that he was full of joy with celebrations and was idolized when he claimed the championship title in Ghana. Currently, Wasiru is managed by Fight Ready Boxing Promotions and plans on soon showing the entire world his amazing boxing skills.

When we asked Wasiru what advice he had for any up and coming boxers and he said, "Train hard with seriousness, stay disciplined always, and focused at all times". Check out his latest fight below and tell us what you think.


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