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Unsigned Hype: Zye Young

Zye Young is a rapper, singer, writer and producer from Fredericksburg, Virginia. His style of music is mostly Hip-Hop with Pop influences and hints of Latin and Caribbean flavor. Zye grew up in Stafford, VA and started doing music in 2012. He has spent the last 7 years working and grinding to be the best. He has released 2 projects called, “No Daze Off” and “Vacation Daze”. Zye also has a collaboration project with Ayzha Nyree “Zyree”. All of his music can be found on Sound Cloud, Apple Music and Spotify.

Recently, he placed 3rd in the WorldStar Hip Hop Influencer & Artist Contest out of over 10,000 submissions! His video has been seen by over 1.5 MILLION people!! His current reach is over 10.4K followers on Instagram and almost 500 subscribers on his YouTube Channel. When asked, "Why he is he so passionate about what he does? Is it Money? Is it Fame? His reply simply was, "I want to change the world".

He gives credit to his brother, Paul, who pushed him to do music. Unfortunately, Zye lost him to suicide in 2017 just when things were taking off for him. Music has gotten Zye through the darkest times in his life and he wants to use all of his success to create a platform big enough to help people in every way possible. From homelessness, Mental Health Awareness, Abuse, etc….This is a movement you should definitely join.

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