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Tips For Radio Play

In today's era, there are many ways to getting your music out to a huge audience. One way is streaming which is a major platform in getting music played. These platforms include Spotify, Itunes, Pandora just to name a few. But what about getting your song on the Radio?

Is it easy or is it hard to do? To be honest, it requires a huge budget in today's ever-changing industry, but not just a budget only being signed to a major label as well helps you get radio play from labels like Atlantic Records, Universal records just to name a few who have large budgets to pay for spins on radio stations worldwide.

You may ask what if you don't have a major recording contract with these companies, is there a way to getting airplay? Yes! This might make you free better because you hear artist like Drake, DaBaby, Lil Baby, Cardi B all day long, and would like to be on that same platform too. In this video, I talk about some tips and how important Dj's are a major tool in music. Check out the video to see how a DJ play's a major part in getting airplay.


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