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Rapper J French Pays Homage To Women With 'Exotic Flowers'

Press Release: The Elixir Media Group Feb 14, 2022

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, the lyric video for Dallas-based rapper J French's new single "Exotic Flowers" debuted on YouTube today (2/14/2022).

"I wanted to acknowledge how strong and dope women can be with this song. I do that by giving flowers to a few women I know personally. The first verse is dedicated to a longtime friend, and the second verse is dedicated to a love interest. Every woman is their own unique flower, and this song presents the whole bouquet." - J French

Watch the lyric video for "Exotic Flowers" here.

"Exotic Flowers" is the second single from French's new album Good Karma. As his first album without profanity, the album is the result of deep introspection and therapy, and serves as French's fourth full-length project. It topped digital streaming platforms and stores upon its release on January 21st, 2022, and arrived on the heels of French's presentation of the "Inspiration To Youth Award" to Tiffany Haddish for the 42nd Young Artist Academy Awards.

Stream/purchase Good Karma here.


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Jaguar French (or J French for short) is a renowned rapper, multi-instrumentalist, producer, fashion designer, mental health advocate and public speaker from Oklahoma City. The son of four-time Grammy-winning percussionist and vocalist Brother Num, French received formal percussion training from his father early on. He eventually went on to master the cornet, piano, xylophone, violin, and cello by middle school. French's first rap was written to Devin The Dude's "Don't Wait" at age 12. As he wrote more rhymes and performed them aloud, French quickly discovered that rap was the perfect remedy for his severe speech impediment (a stuttering problem that prevented French from speaking in public between the age of 7 and 10).

Now, with over 50 million streams, French has successfully garnered a strong regional following that spans Texas, Oklahoma, and LA. Currently based in Dallas, Texas, French has worked with Grammy Award-winning producer Jah Born (of Erykah Badu's official band RC & The Gritz), Yella Beezy, and more.

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