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J SNELL​​​: Mission Not Impossible/The Dreamer with a Legacy

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Jason Snell is a dreamer that never stopped reaching for what he wanted. Being raised in Grand Rapids MI, there were very few musicians that came from his hometown. But even the few that did definitely left their mark in the music world. Artist such as Al Green and The Debarge’s changed the music world with their soulful voices, but also with their ability to captivate the audience with every note. Jason Snell has been gifted with this talent as well. Writing his own music, creating his own sound, and if you add in the soothing sound of his voice…. calling him a triple threat is an understatement. Singing is Jason’s gift to the world, it is a talent he has nurtured into maturity since he has been able to talk. Performing in every talent show he could as a youth, singing in the church choirs, or just being a nuisance to his family all J. Snell did was sing. Jason remembers summer days on the porch with his grandmother as she listened to Rev. Shirley Caesar, or the summer nights with his uncles listening to BB King and Johnny Taylor. These singers/artist/musicians influenced, molded and shaped not only him but his music, and so now here we are.

J.Snell wrote and produced his first single “Smile” ft. Jeri Wade and J. Bass, this single was released on Reverbnation October 1, 2015. “Smile” earned J. Snell the number 1 singer and song writer for Grand Rapids MI with Reverbnation. “Average Man” ft. Sligh TalkBox and Kasino was released May 27, 2016, giving J.Snell a bigger audience because of its up temple beat. “Average Man” is also the title of his first album, released July 15, 2017. This track from his first album got people on the dance floor, and if you can’t dance fans simply danced in their seats.

J. Snell then released his 3rd track “what you mean to me” on February 14, 2017. This was released just in time for lovers all over the world to have a song to dedicate to that special someone on Valentine’s Day. Average Man was infused with so many local artists such as Roz Washington, Sligh Talkbox, Jeri Wade, J. Bass, aand Rickie Freemam aka Kasino. With all these brilliant minds and undeniable talent, this album is “my pride and joy, it’s like I had my first child 7/15/2017. With me being a single man with no children, my music is my baby and I created a beautiful baby-J.Snell”

J. Snell has his sights set to be the first male Soul/R&B artist to make it mainstream since Al Green. J. Snell while working on his 2nd album will also be debuting his Podcast “SnellVision” with his sister Grand Rapids Queen of Comedy Ladii Jai (Jessica Snell).

“On top of Me” ft. Sligh TalkBox is the first single released October 14, 2018, and was performed live at GR’s Laugh and Hip Hop GR. With “SnellVision” premiering Fall 2019, J. Snell will be debuting his music as well as other local artist. “SnellVision” will take Grand Rapids to the world, and being from the city for 40yrs “I am proud that I get to show off the city that has made me the man I am today. -J.Snell”

Things to come are SnellVision Podcast and a double album, one being HipHop and the other R&B title “The Night You Won’t Forget”. When J.Snell is not in the studio he is attending Sporting Events for The Detroit Lion, Detroit Tigers, Detroit Red Wings, West MI Whitcaps, and MSU games “Go Green Go White”. His favorite team right now is The Lady Redhawks of Union High School in Grand Rapids MI. Not only is Union High J.Snell’s alma mater, his rising star of a niece is currently a Junior at Union. J.Snell attends his nieces Volleyball and Basketball Games as well as her Track Meets, never misses a home game. With no children, he is very present in the lives of his nieces, nephews, and god children. J.Snell loves Sunday dinner at his mother’s house with the family, after a great pick me up basketball game with his friends Sunday mornings.

His idols are Rick James, Luther Vandross, Jodeci and Anthony Hamilton. Often you can find J.Snell at any Blues, Jazz or R&B concert, this is one way he gets his inspiration for his music and shows. The other influences come from his own family of artist. J.Snell’s older cousin Darryl Malone is the Saxophonist for GR’s own Captain Crunch and The Funky Bunch, Gereth “Gary” Malone was with the group Tommy Mcgee, Cousin in Law the Legendary Al Green, Cousin Darryl Holt- Drummer (check Facebook and Wikipedia), and many more artist from Grand Rapids MI. J.Snell has sung with GR local artist Joey Barnes, Donte Young as well as grew up with the Suns of Wonder and the Wonder Boys.

Check out some of his podcast and music here.



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