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ICATLYA, New Single from Natasya Fila Rais

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Natasya Fila Rais, an upcoming singer-songwriter from Jakarta, Indonesia, recently released her new single titled ICATLYA. ICATLYA is a pop song, heavily infused with acoustic guitar and soulful electronic guitar riff. This single was produced since March 2021 with Music Producer, Cosmicburp. Natasya also handled the creative process of ICATLYA, in which she wrote and composed the song. ICATLYA was written in 2019, but it was only two years later that the song came to life. Since the production was held throughout pandemic, the brainstorming process of the song was done fully online, which was a new and more efficient experience.

You can take a listen to her latest single on Spotify. Click here to enjoy!

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