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Do you matter?

This week we are to tackling mental health and suicide awareness to educate and inform. We will not only provide some self help tips, but we will share some personal and inspiring stories from others who have lost someone or who have had their own struggles with thoughts of Suicide.

I feel that it’s our responsibility to talk about health issues as well as entertainment. Music and the arts have been one way for all of us to cope with our emotions and feelings. And here at Keyline, we want everyone to know that you DO MATTER. You don’t have to face obstacles alone and feel like you won’t be missed. Mental health is an issue that most shy away from. But once we can all accept that we are all different, yet unique and in our own, that is when change and love can happen.

So please join us this week as we explore different topics everyday to bring awareness to this issue and together we can save a life, by joining in on the conversation and sharing each blog.

Together we are the change. #SaveALife

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