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Artist Chi-Town Remembrance Showcase

Steven Randall | Event Review ---This past month I had was able to check out an event in a rural community in Okmulgee, OK. A local artist that goes by the stage name C-Fetti held a small showcase in remembrance of his longtime friend Chi-town, who recently passed away. The two made music together; Chi-Town was the DJ and C-Fetti is the singer. The two actually had planned this event together prior to Chi-Town tragic passing. Due to C-Fetti, being a loyal friend, he utilized this event as a tribute for his partner, Chi-town. He wanted to make sure he followed through on the idea they had together before he passed away.

C-Fetti spoke very highly of Chi-Town, saying “Chi-Town was just a regular dude that did the same stuff regular people do every day. He had a regular job and made music”. The event also featured DJ BIGGRICH, who is from Tulsa, OK. He to come handle the ones and twos for the show. During the showcase, there was a brief sound issue, but it was resolved just in time for C-Fetti and DJ BIGGRICK to take the stage. C-Fetti performed a couple of songs and invited his friend LuniGxxn onto the stage with him to perform a brand new track they recently made together called, "I Hustle Hard", which the crowd really enjoyed.

I was very impressed by the newcomer LuniGxxn. Once he got the mic in his hands he took over the show and controlled the crowd with his incredible sound and flow. It was his first time performing, but he rocked the stage as if it was something he was born to do. Not only did he do his thing on the stage, but he also won the rap battle that was held with 4 other artists at the same event. Since LuniGxxn is just starting in the Oklahoma Hip-Hop scene, his flow can only be found on C-Fetti's YouTube page. LuniGxxn is in the works on getting all of his music on his own handles at the moment for his fans. Believe me people this an artist you will want to keep a watch for!

Special thanks to C-Fetti for inviting me out to this show. I’m looking forward to catching

many more of your events. Check out more of his music below.

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