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Arianna Haines

Please welcome Arianna Haines. This woman is a true survivor who lives her life through goodness and faith.

Ms. Haines has had her fair share of tragedy with her parents and her siblings killed, turning to drugs to ease the pain, and depression, but with the help of her friends and her faith, she found her way back from the darkness. She said, “I think with any tragedy, especially when you're young, you have to grow up fast. What was once Barbie dolls and playing house, turned into funerals and sit down talks abut addictions, anger, mayhem and regret.”

She is now an up and coming filmmaker and actress. One of her short films, “Try Once More” has been accepted into 7 film festivals and is now writing a fantasy series and is helping on a feature film.

Arianna has a beautiful soul and spirit and will do anything to help out a friend or stranger. This woman has a great heart and is beautiful in every way.

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