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1921 Music Group 1st Annual Indie Fest

Steven Randall | Event Review

1921 Music Group held its first ever Indie Fest on labor day weekend. This event was for the local artist and labels to network with each other and also to showcase their new music by performing. Before the main event, I got the chance to interview the co-founder and CEO Dom Williams of 1921 Music Group, who orchestrated and put this event together.

1921 Music Group is a all around type of company for music, coming out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. They can handle just about any service you need in the music industry from lawyers for contracts, management, recording studio, music videos, to promotional advertisement, Dom Williams said, "1921 is willing to invest in any artist that are willing to invest in themselves!" One of their artist they helped breakthrough into the mainstream music industry is "Gang51 June", who recently went on tour with Kevin Gates.

The Indie Fest was held at the New York Hookah lounge where people were waiting in long lines to get into the festivities. As the hookah girls brought out bottles and hookahs for the party, artist took to the stage. With so many dope artists at the festival it was hard to pick one in particular that stood out. Every artist there put on for their teams and brands. 1921 Music Groups first Indie Fest was a major success with all the artists getting to network and link up for projects to collaborate on. The future for 1921 is only going to continue growing and getting bigger and better from here on out! In the words of Dom Williams, "1921 Music Group will be the best all around management company in the Midwest"!

To find out more about 1921 Music Group check out their website below. Get connected.

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