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KLM Mixtape Information

The KeyLine Mag Mixtape Series is hosted by one of the hottest DJ's, DJ International Wig. To earn a slot on this mixtape, you have to purchase a quarter page feature for $50 and second you have to have a HOT mastered track. (You can submit more than one track.) With each feature purchase, the artist will be added to the KeyLine Mag mixtape for FREE. So you will receive a quarter feature in Keyline Mag for a discounted rate and your name will be featured on the cover of that same issue. You will also receive a FREE physical copy of KeyLine Mag and online promotion from various outlets.   So essentially you will gain global promotion and attention! Which is a guaranteed win for INDEPENDENT ARTIST. You will be reaching 100's of thousands of people and you are only paying $50!!! 


If you have any direct questions regarding the KeyLine Mag Mixtape, please send all questions to us here

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